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Welcome to Sailing BodhiL!

I'm Philip Nelson. I was born and raised on a grain farm in central Alberta, Canada, with wide open spaces, and many places to explore. One thing that continues to inspire me is discovery and exploration. Every day it seems I learn something that completely blows my mind. The stagnant corporate world of 8 to 5 has left me wanting… so I’m off to continue that discovery on a grand scale, and share it all with the world.

My plan is to sail around the world, following the routes of explorers, settlers, spice traders, pirates and colonial warships, to explore and document the way that people live and think. Where are they from, how did they get there, why did they leave, or if they are native to that land, why did they stay. What are they looking for in life, and what do they value. 


Our ways of living may be different, but our reasons for living may very likely be the same. I’m off to feed my passion for knowledge and exploration, and hopefully fire your passion to learn, spread knowledge, and find some adventure of your own.

If you dig what I’m doing, please become a Patron, subscribe to my YouTube channel and help me bring interesting stories and a passion for exploration to the world.

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